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Pushing the boundaries of cyber, privacy, and resilient investing.

SCV believes that venture capital investing is uniquely suited to have a profound impact on cybersecurity. Our mission continues to grow with the rapidly changing threats to our nation and society. We work every day to bridge the gap between emerging commercial security, privacy, and resilient technology and personal, corporate, and national security requirements.

Modern & Hungry

We bring a modern, expert, consultative venture capital experience to startup founders and the broader investment ecosystem. We possess a unique combination of deep financial resources and expertise, allowing us to take a patient money approach rarely found in venture investing.

We take the time. We put in the work.

We help our portfolio succeed by providing an extra set of hands and expert, candid advice. We open new doors through our partnership based consultative and business development approach.

Our Portfolio


Threat Awareness for Everyone

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You Make Stuff.
Start Making Money.


Bitcoin Infrastructure Made Easy

Snap Attack

The Threat Hunting Platform


The Future of Social


Censorship Resistant
Tech Stacks


Augmented Reality for
Your Desktop

id dataweb

Cloud-Based Identity

Acquired by VMware


Transforming Security

Acquired by Commvault

TrapX Security

Advanced Deception

Hank Thomas
Simone Petrella
Peter Joukov
Ralph Rodriguez
Sander Gerber
Chris Ahern
Marc Gonyea
Tracey Pretorius
Ann Kirschner
Rick Allison

Active. Committed. Involved.

An accomplished team of cybersecurity operators, successful founders, national security officials, and investors committed to leveraging decades of experience to build strong SCV portfolio companies and a more secure and resilient future.

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